Accommodation in India

Accommodation in India

It is important to begin with the fact that the currency used in India is the Rupee (INR), as of today 1 USD equals around 70 Rupees. In order to visit the second most populous country in the world, we need a touristic visa, that costs around 60 USD and is valid for 90 days. Dollars are accepted in most places; however, this is not well regulated, and it can often be not so profitable if we pay in US currency to the locals.

India is a must-see destination for those who love traveling around the world. Full of rich culture, intertwined between several religions, the Asian country enchants with unique landmarks and wonderful nature. But what should we know if we decide to visit this country with many faces of customs, beliefs, standards and culture?

Regarding the accommodation: there are hotels for every pocket in this country. Naturally, in the bigger cities, like New Delhi and Mumbai accommodation is more expensive. The owners usually raise prices around big festivals and special events, that’s why it is good to ensure your trip with an early reservation.

There are hotels of all standards – from 1-star to super luxurious 5-star hotels. An average price per night in an Indian hotel is 45 USD. Based on categories, the sum you should allow seems like this: 1- or 2-star hotel – $29, 3-star hotel – $37, 4-star hotel – $60 and 5-star hotel – $102. This, of course is average and the prices can be much lower or higher depending on the quality, lux, location and other details. You can sleep at a much lower price in hostels, which offer the normal conditions, but are far away from the central parts of the cities. Of course, there are also guest houses where it is also cheaper.

India has another category for accommodation, which is only for the very rich. Popular in the recent years is to turn glamorous palaces, architectural monuments, rich houses, hunting lodges and fortresses into luxurious boutique hotels. That is where kings and queens have lived in the past and it attracts the tourists.

Here the prices can start at $200, $300 and even $500 per night, but every cent of it is worth it, because of the lux and history you will be surrounded with. Here are some of these most emblematic hotels Taj Falaknuma Palace (former king castle, price per night start at $294), Samode Palace ($350), Ranvas (former fortress from the  12th century, $228), Rawla Narlai (former hunting lodge of the king’s family, $192), Taj Lake Palace (former palace, that can be reached only by boat, $281), Siolim House (built in the 17th century in a Portuguese style, because of the occupation at the time, $145), Ferrnhills Royal Palace (former summer palace of the Maharajas, $128), Le Colonial (built in the 16th century, formerly owned by Portuguese, Dutch and English governors and tradesmen, $145), Umaid Bhawan Palace (formerly owned by the royal family, $448), Deo Bagh ($75), Devi Garh (former royal palace, $559) and others.