The city of Hyderabad is locaed in South-Eastern India. It is the biggest city and the capital of the state Andhra Pradesh or Telangana, situated on the left coast of the Musi River. Hyderabad along with its twin city Secunderabad has a population of around 7 million people. It is famous with its architectural monuments, temples, churches, wonderful parks and bazaars. Hyderabad is visited by millions of tourists every year. The best time for visits is between November and February. The city is close to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Qutubshahi Tombs in Hyderabad

Qutubshahi Tombs By Maheshrig (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

The city was founded in 1586 by the Muslim leader Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, who hired Persian architects to build the city of his dreams, a city where he could take a breath enjoying its beauty. During his time was built the emblematic for Hyderabad building Charminar, situated in the Old city. This is a triumphal arch, a master mix between Islamic and South-Indian architectural style, embodying the cultural outlook of the city. According to one of the legends, this unique monument, built by Mohammad Qutb Shah is in honor of his favorite Hindu wife.

Close to Charminar is located the Makkah Masjid – the second largest mosque in India. It was built during the 17th century, its construction continued 78 years and the bricks have special composition which is believed to have been brought from Mecca. The triple vaulted facade of this architectural masterpiece has been carved in a huge granite rock. Eight thousand people worked for the construction of the Makkah Masjid mosque.

On a hill over the city stands the marble Hindu temple Birla Mandir.

In 1724 Asaf Khan was titled for “nizam” or a heir ruler and Hyderabad turned into a developed city and capital of the biggest Indian province ruled by a prince.

The Chowmahalla Palace was built in 1750. Here the nizam welcomed the official guests and royal figures, who were entertained both in the beautiful palace and in the wonderful park. The Falaknuma Palace is one of the remarkable buildings of Hyderabad. It was built in the Southern part of the city by an Italian architect. With its beautiful marble staircases and wonderful fountains, it is an expression of the power of the local nizams.

The Golkonda is one of the most beautiful fort complexes kept in India. It is situated on a hill and from the remains of the interior furniture it is seen that the fortress was a very strong fortification. Today, around the complex there is a huge beautiful park, and the “Light and sound” show, presented in the fortress makes it a desired place for visitors.

The tombs of the rulers of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty are in proximity to the Golkonda fort and are composed of buildings with huge domes and big minarets. The recently discovered Paigah Tombs are a series of mausoleums with unique geometrical sculptures.

Worth visiting in Hyderabad is the Salar Jung Museum, where you can see the biggest collection of antique objects collected by one man, dating from several centuries. Purani Haveli is a one-storey building with a European architecture, where you can see the world longest wardrobe on two storeys.

Apart from its remarkable architectural monuments, Hyderabad is also known as the City of Pearls because it is a global center for trading with big diamonds, emeralds and natural pearls. The famous diomond Koh-i-Noor was discovered in the city diamond mines. On the famous pearl bazzar in Pathergatti you can find all kinds of pearls, jewels, paintings, bracelets with different gems, saris and many other interesting things.

In the city of Hyderabad there are many lakes called “sagar” which means “sea”. In this city, built for relaxation, there are 140 lakes and 834 water reservoirs. One of the oldest artificial lakes is Hussain Sagar, created in 1562 during the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, it was a source of drinking water for Hyderabad. It is also known for its 19-meter statue of Buddha in the middle of the lake. Around the shores is situated a huge walking park. With the interesting attractive boats the ride in the lake and to the Buddha statue is a pleasant experience. In the Hyderabad zoo there is a big diversity of animals and birds. An interesting fact is that the enclosures are made as if the animals are in their natural habitat. Here the ecological environment is very valued – the use of palstic bottles and cups is not allowed.

Today in Hyderabad there are more than 1300 IT companies. There are 13 universities and among them are the Institute of Medical Sciences, the English and Foreign Languages University, and in 1982 here was established the first distance learning university. Walking around the city, the tourists can sit in of the many tea houses and enjoy a cup of amazing tea along with one of the local dishes.

Not far from Hyderabad, only 20 minutes driving distance, is the Ramoji Film City – the biggest studio-park in the world, covering an area of 2 000 acres. It was built in 1996. This is one of the most popular centers for tourism and recreation in Asia and is visited by 1.5 million tourists per year. Hyderabad is a city striving to be in line with the new time, but at the same time protecting its rich cultural heritage.