Jodhpur is a city in North India, located among the bare hills of the Thar desert. With population of around 1 million residents, nowadays Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan province. Jodhpur was established in 1459 by the Rajput ruler Rao Jodha. The city is situated on the strategic way from Delhi for Gujarat. Jodhpur has soon transformed into a big trade center thanks to the trade with opium, silk, sandal wood and coffee. Then Rao Jodha has moved the capital from Mendore in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur - Mausoleum Jaswant Thada

Jodhpur – Mausoleum Jaswant Thada

On one of the eminences at 125 m height, in the center of Jodhpur is situated the Mehrangarh fortress, which was built in 15 century. It is one of the most impressive fortresses in whole India, which walls are 36m high and 21 m wide. This enormous complex includes impressive palaces as per architecture and magnificent gardens. City of Jodhpur is called „City of the Sun“, because of the many sunny days during the year, and it is also known as the „Blue city“, because many of its houses are painted in blue. The most appropriate time for visit of Jodhpur is in October, when the Manwar festival of the song and dance is carried out. The visit of this interesting city may happen by the luxurious train „Palace on wheels“, which travels from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and etc. cities of India. Also the airport of Jodhpur is one of the most popular in Rajasthan and one of the most important for the Indian air forces, but there is civil air traffic as well.

The Umaid Bhavan Palace is one of the biggest in India. It was built by Umaid Singh – one of the last local rulers, it impresses by the volume and the gorgeous performance in style Art Deco. Its construction began in 1939 during the big starvation and it continued 15 years. The design is by a British architect, and more than 3000 people took part in its realization. The majestic building has 347 rooms and it was designed in such a way, that the temperature inside the palace is permanent. The garden to the palace is arranged and maintained with beautiful alleys and greenery. Nowadays, in one of the wings of the palace lives the maharaja of Jodhpur together with his family, a grandson of Umaid Singh, and 55 of the rooms are transformed into a luxurious hotel. Every year in December, when the maharaja’s birthday is the palace is opened for visits and here come the residents of the city in order to congratulate him.

Jaswant Thada is ruler’s complex for cremation with a memorial out of white marble blocks. It is located in the foot of the Mehrangarh fortress, and impresses by its beautiful architecture.
Ghanta Ghar or the Clock tower, which is a masterpiece like most of the architectural monuments in Jodhpur, deserves to be seen.

Mandore is the ancient capital, which is situated at 9 km from Jodhpur. With its magnificent gardens, stupas, tombs and cenotaphs – gravestones without a grave, Mandore is a place or a walk in the past.

On the road for Mandore is situated the interesting Mahar Mandir temple. It possesses 84 columns with complex stone carvings, showing yoga poses, dedicated to Shiva.

At 8 km from the city there is one beautiful oasis for the desert climate here – the Balsamand lake, established in 1159. Magnificent gardens with roses, herbs, mango and guava are a place for a walk and rest. The Balsamand palace, built in 1936 compliments the romance of this wonderful place.

As in every city of India the markets are the most colourful place for a visit. For Jodhpur these are the Girdokot and Sardar markets, where everything can be bought – from clothes, shoes, jewelry and souvenirs to food and wonderful sweets. In the many small shops the tourist may see how the glass bracelet is made, how a certain fabric is dyed, how silver is found and how youghurt is cultured.

In Jodhpur there are several factories for fabrics, sport commodities, carpets, marble and cutleries. The government spares great attention to the education of the young generation of India. On the territory of the city are established: a Technical institute in 2008, Institute for design and development of shoes, Institute of medical sciences, Big research institutes in the field of forests and research for a waterless zone, in the field of the Cosmos and many others.

The historical buildings and landscapes of Jodhpur are included in many films with famous artists and directors.

The visit of this interesting historical city among the desert would be a pleasant experience.