Indian e-Business Visa


India and its endless labor market presents many opportunities for starting a business or participation in different business events, such as fairs, exhibitions and others. For all these cases the Indina government offers the Indian e-business Visa.

It is interesting to note that based on its GDP India is on 7th place in the world for 2016 with its $2,250 trillion. The high tech industries increase their growth every year in a country, where the agriculture traditionally plays a major role. The big cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi are also world financial and business centers, where the big international companies are represented.

In the last years India has become a leader in the IT sector. The biggest center of this industry is Bangalore. The e-servising boom forced the Indian government to offer an easy access for visiting the country, as all travelling related to business is served by the Indian e-business Visa. This leads to quick growth in travels to India that already exceed 10 million per year.

The e-Business Visa is NOT VALID for Employment, NGO / Volunteer activities, Journalism and Conference purposes in India.

Who is the Infdian e-business Visa for?

  • – If you have a business idea and you are wondering where to place your company, India is a good place with its labor market with over 500 million working people, the Indian e-business Visa is right for you.
  • – If you have a company that deals with trading, through the Indian e-business Visa you will have easy access to your Indian partners and their huge variety of products. Moreover your products will set foot on the Indian market.
  • – If you want to participate in one of the many trade fairs and exhibitions in India, where you can find many new Indian partners, and which will give a new boost to your business.
  • – If you have a big company but in your country there isn’t enough workforce, through the Indian e-business Visa you will have access to the endless labor market and you will have the opportunity to find and hire the needed employees.
  • – If you are a valuable expert and one of the many Indian companies has decided to hire you, you will need to get the Indian e-business Visa.
  • – If you are a lecturer on GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks) you will also need the Indian e-business Visa, that the Indian government can issue for your stay in the country.

Who is the Indian e-bussines Visa not suitable for?

  • – If you or your parents are citizens of Pakistan, because of the tense relations and disputes over Kashmir, the Indian government will not issue an e-visa.

Purpose of e-Business Visa

The Indian Government requires one of the following to be selected in order to apply for e-Turist Visa:

  • 1. To set up industrial/business venture
  • 2. Sale/Purchase/Trade
  • 3. Attend technical/business meetings
  • 4. To recruit manpower
  • 5. Participation in exhibitions, business/trade fairs
  • 6. Expert/specialist in connection with an ongoing project
  • 7. Conducting tours
  • 8. To deliver lecture/s under global initiative for academic networks (GIAN)

e-Business Visa Allowed Nationalities

At the moment more than 160 nationalities are allowed to apply for Indian e-Visa.

Please check countries list for more details

Airports and Seaports to enter India with your e-Business Visa

There are designated entrances permitted for Indian e-Visa.

Please check Eligible Entrances for more details

Time frames and days

Expected date of arrival have to be between 4 days and 124 days after the date off applying. With other words: The India e-Business Visa application must be submitted no later than 4 days prior to departure for India, and no earlier than 120 days before arrival in India.

The Indian e-Business Visa validity is 60 days from the arrival date in India and it permits double entry in India. You can apply twice for Indian e-Business Visa per year ( January – December ). Indian e-Business Visa is non-convertible, non-extendable and not valid for visiting from protected/restricted Areas.


After every completed step of application process you will receive notification about the applying stage you are on. You will receive confirmation email containing entered details together with payment confirmation. After approval of your application you will receive Indian e-Business Visa by email.
Next, you have to print received e-Business Visa and present it to the Immigration Counter on your arrival in India to get the stamp on your passport.

Indian e-Business Visa Prices – Visa Fee and how much does it costs

The visa fees and costs are calculated based on our service fee and Indian Government fee.

According to the nationality of the applicant the prices vary as follows

Check Indian e-Visa Fees and prices based on your Nationality.

Document requirements for Indian e-Business Visa

This is one of the most important information that Indian Government requires. Scanned documents should meet specific requirements. If this step is not properly filled the Government will refuse to issue your e-Visa.

Please check e-Business Visa Documents details