Indian e-Medical Visa


Indian e-Medical Visa is intended for international travelers that are planning to visit India to to seek short term medical treatment.

Purpose of e-Medical Visa

The Indian Government requires the following to be selected in order to apply for e-Medical Visa:
– Short term medical treatment of self

e-Medical Visa Allowed Nationalities

At the moment more than 160 nationalities are allowed to apply for Indian e-Nedical Visa.

Please check countries list for more details

Airports and Seaports to enter India with your e-Medical Visa

There are designated entrances permitted for Indian e-Medical Visa.

Please check Eligible Entrances for more details

Time frames and days

Expected date of arrival have to be between 4 days and 124 days after the date off applying. With other words: The India e-Medical Visa application must be submitted no later than 4 days prior to departure for India, and no earlier than 120 days before arrival in India.

The Indian e-Medical Visa validity is 60 days from the arrival date in India and it permits triple entry in India. You can apply twice for Indian e-Medical Visa per year ( January – December ). Indian e-Medical Visa is non-convertible, non-extendable and not valid for visiting from protected/restricted Areas.


After every completed step of application process you will receive notification about the applying stage you are on. You will receive confirmation email containing entered details together with payment confirmation. After approval of your application you will receive Indian e-Medical Visa by email.
Next, you have to print received e-Medical Visa and present it to the Immigration Counter on your arrival in India to get the stamp on your passport.

Visa Fee and how much does it costs

The visa fees and costs are calculated based on our service fee and Indian Government fee.
Our service fee is fixed amount of $52 USD. It covers our work, visa agents, taxes and knowledge how to get your e-Medical Visa as quick as possible.
Indian Government fee is charged by the policy of the Government of India and depends on your nationality. Indian Government has 4 fee categories: $0 USD, $25 USD, $50 USD and $75 USD.

According to the nationality of the applicant the prices vary as follows

  • $0.00 USD + $52.00 USD Service Fee = $52.00 USD
  • $25.00 USD + $52.00 USD Service Fee = $77.00 USD
  • $50.00 USD + $52.00 USD Service Fee = $102.00 USD
  • $75.00 USD + $52.00 USD Service Fee = $127.00 USD

Check Indian e-Visa Fees and prices based on your Nationality.

Document requirements for Indian e-Medical Visa

This is one of the most important information that Indian Government requires. Scanned documents should meet specific requirements. If this step is not properly filled the Government will refuse to issue your e-Visa.

Please check e-Medical Visa Documents details