Akshardham temple

The Akshardham temple is one of the many miracles of Delhi. It is dedicated to the saint Swami Narayan from 18 century, it was built only for five years with the voluntary labour of 11 thousand admirers of this saint. The followers of Swami Narayan believe, that he is an incarnation of the God and they worship him absolutely. The construction of the temple began in year 2000 on area of 100 decares. Its height is 43 m, the width – 96 m and the length -112 m. For the building of the Akshardham temple are used Rajasthan pink sandstone and 12 thousand tons white marble for the internal facing. The pink sandstone is a symbol of the devotion and eternal flourishing, and the white marble symbolizes the pureness and the eternal peace. The temple is supported by 234 opulently decorated columns and 9 cupolas, which impress with the carved on stone small figures. Around the main building there is a plinth with engraved elephants and their cubs. Immediately above them in numerous niches are carved around 20 thousand statues of different Indian saints. The architects and builders of the temple did not stipulate a single iron or concrete part, which makes it even a greater miracle.

Akshardham temple

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Akshardham temple in Delhi is one of the biggest temples in India. The whole temple is built in correspondence with the ancient traditions. All elements of the impressive building are elaborated manually. The external walls of the temple are elaborated out of pink sandstone, and inside – out of white marble. In fact this is one whole complex, including besides the Aksharham temple, also an enormous park, a museum, a light-musical fountain, a cinema, an artificial lake, on which you can go boating, sculptural compositions, numerous cafes and small souvenir shops.

The whole of the biggest hall of the temple is reveted with white marble, as in the center is towering the statue of Swami Narayan, and aside on the walls are sculptures figures of Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon.

In the Akshardham temple there is a Hall of the valuables, where can be seen exhibits, representing events from the life of the saint Swami Narayan and his messages. By the help of light and sound effects, the visitors carry away in 18 century, which makes the visit here unique. Another interesting attraction in the Akshardham temple is one hall, in which on a screen with dimensions 30m length and 20m height, the visitors can acquaint with Swami Narayan’s life in his youth years, when he visited different regions of India.

During the going for the row on the artificial lake around the temple, the tourist acquaints with the ten thousand year history of India only in 12 minutes.
Around the temple there is an enormous park, surrounded by summer-houses out of red sandstone, souvenir shops, cafes and etc.

In the garden of the Akshardham temple there is a colourful fountain, which on the background of the setting sun, together with the temple is a vision from the fairy-tales.
The best visit of Delhi and the Akshardham temple is from September until March. It is closed on Monday and there are not permitted metal objects and mobile telephones inside the temple, they are left at the entrance of it.

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