The Qutb Minar complex

The Qutb Minar complex was built during 13 century symbolizes the coming of Islam on these lands. The main minaret is the only one built of bricks in whole India and is with height 72,5 m. It was built in honour of the victory of the commander Kutab-ud-Din over the last Hindu kingdom. At its base the minaret has a diameter 15 m, and at the top it becomes 2,5 m. Along the whole height the tower is decorated by calligraphy, depicting lines from the Koran.

Qutb Minar Complex

Source: Wikipedia

The first three floors of the minaret are built out of the characteristic here construction material – red sandstone, and the top two floors are reveted with white marble. Each floor finishes with a terrace with a beautiful railing. During the next centuries each ruler has left something – a building, a sculpture, sultan’s tombs, as well as medreses – a school for learning of the Koran. In the complex is situated the mosque Quwwat-al-Islam, the oldest mosque in India, built with materials from destroyed Hindu temples. In the Qutb Minar complex is located aslo one interesting iron pillar with purity of iron 98%, considered for unattainable for the existing technologies of that time. On it there are Sanskrit inscriptions. Since year 2007 the complex is in the list of UNESCO of the world culture.

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