The Humayun’s tomb

The Humayun’s tomb is located in the old part of Delhi. Humayun is the second great ruler of the Mughals, who made Delhi a capital in 1533. His tomb is situated in a wonderful park with a lot of greenery and this building is so beautiful that a person thinks only nice things about the ruler, buried here.

The Humayun’s tomb is located in the old part of Delhi, located in the lovely Charbagh park. This is the first such building in India. Humayun is the second great ruler of the Mughals, he perished absurdly barely at 47 years of age. He fell together with the ladder while he was looking at books in his own library. The decision for the building of such a magnificent tomb is of his wife Hamide. For the building was chosen the center of the garden Charbagh in Delhi, divided by water channels in 36 squares, because in Islam is considered, that the heaven is situated in the center of a garden, divided by water sources. The construction of the tomb began in 1562 and continued eight years.

Humayun tomb

Source: Wikipedia

The Humayun’s tomb is remarkable with its architecture. The building, which is octagonal at its foundation, is crowned with two enormous cupolas with hemispherical form, the height of which is 38 m. The main cupola is implemented out of white and black marble. On every side of the foundation there are columns, which are forming 18 identical arches. For the building of the Humayun tomb is used red sandstone.

On the lower floor of the tomb are situated the funeral rooms. On a stone platform in the center of the most beautiful of them, lie the lime-stone sarcophagi of the spouses, around which there are water channels. Their purpose is to preserve the garden green and fresh, which is superb with its symmetrical plantations in mogolian style.
The Humayun tomb is a unique landmark.

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